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Marine Reserves & National Parks


PROTECTED Wildlife and Marine Reserve


The Peninsula borders the beautiful Whanganui (Westhaven) Inlet, the second largest estuary in the South Island, protected by the Te Tai Tapu Wildlife and Marine Reserve. It is part of this natural wonder and one of the largest and least modified estuaries in the country. Much of its fringe is protected land and remains in dense natural forest cover. An uninterrupted sequence of plant life from forest to salt marsh helps maintain the estuary's overall health and supports a great richness of invertebrates (crabs, shellfish, worms) fish and bird life.

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BORDERING Kahurangi National Park


Westhaven Retreat also borders the Kahurangi National Park. This is New Zealand's . In the Maori language, Kahurangi means 'treasured possession', a clue to the attractions of the second largest of New Zealand's fourteen National Parks. Within its boundaries lie some of the oldest rocks, strangest plants and rarest birds in the country.

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